The Sleeping Girl of Turville

Ellen Sadler was born in March, 1859, and is the tenth of a family of twelve, the last twins. Her father had been dead some years ; and the mother has married again-which accounts for the difference in the names. When a very young child, her mother states that she was very thoughtful, and not inclined 'to join in the more boisterous sports of her youthful companions. She would sit by the fireside for hours, apparently thinking. She was a good girl-attended and loved the Sunday school-had a very great reverenoe for all things sacred-particularly the Bible. Like all the children of the labouring class, she was sent away to earn something. Her destination was Marlow, where she had the charge of two little children. After she had been there for some time she complained of her head, and her mistress sent her home. She was sent to the local hospital, and it was found that an abscess was forming on the back of the head, near the nape of the neck.

Two days after her release from hospital, on March 17, 1871, she suffered a series of gran-mal seizures and fell into a deep sleep from which she could not be roused. Her mother, Anne Frewen – widowed by the death of her husband, Ellen’s father, when Ellen was a toddler – called for local doctor Henry Hayman, who was at a loss to explain the little girl’s condition.

As the days and weeks went by, with Ellen asleep in a seizure-induced fetal position, word of her plight reached the press and the Sadler home (now known as “Sleepy Cottage”) became an attraction for medical practitioners, reporters, and curiosity seekers alike. Many descriptions of the girl’s condition exist, due in part to the 19th century media circus; such as this from Bucks Free Press:

“Her breathing was regular and natural, the skin soft and the body warm, as in a healthy subject; the pulse rather fast. The hands were small and thin, but the fingers quite flexible; the body somewhat emaciated; the feet and legs like those of a dead child, almost ice cold ... the aspect of her features was pleasant, more so than might be expected under the circumstances ... her eyes and cheeks were sunken, and the appearance was that of death ... but although there was no colour on her cheeks, the paleness was not that heavy hue which betokens death.”

Several month later, Ellen became a tourist attraction for the village, and her family made considerable money from visitors' donations. As the years progressed with no sign of Ellen's waking, speculation grew that her illness was either a hoax or caused by her mother, an issue that was never resolved.

Her mother, Anne Frewen died in May 1880, leaving her sleeping daughter to be cared for by her two married sisters. However, five months later Ellen mysteriously awoke and was fully recovered by November of the same year. This miracle recovery further fuelled the skeptics, who claimed that Anne had either been hoaxing the entire illness or that she was suffering from M√ľnchausen Syndrome and had deliberately exaggerated and exacerbated Ellen’s condition – possibly with poison – which obviously ended when Anne passed away, leaving Ellen the opportunity to recover.

In late 1880, soon after her mother's death, Ellen awoke. She later married and had at least five children.

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The Anguished Man The Haunted Painting

A mysterious painting entitled, The Anguished Man, had been an unwanted gift from a friend that Sean Robinson’s grandmother stowed away in the attic insisting it was “evil”. She claimed a dark figure had been lurking through her house ever since she received the painting and that strange noises such as crying were coming from it. The artist who created The Anguished Man was an incredibly disturbed individual who mixed his own blood in with the oil paint when painting the piece and committed suicide immediately following its completion. Sean Robinson, being a skeptic, did not believe in his grandmother’s story or the supposed paranormal events she experienced after receiving it.

Shortly after Sean displayed the painting in his home, he and his wife began seeing a dark figure, as his grandmother had claimed seeing. The couple said strange noises seemed to be coming from the painting including scratching an a man crying. Sean described, “We have heard crying coming from te corner of the bedroom. We started seeing the dark figure standing at th bottom of the bed, just staring at us. It seems to be a middle-aged man but his features are not very clear.”. Sean’s wife was so unsettled by the happenings in their home she refuses to live with The Anguished Man. Mr. Robinson, on the other hand, has gained quite a bit of attention on the web from filming supposed activity surrounding the mysterious painting and releasing the “evidence” on YouTube.

According to Dread Central, Sean Robinson explained the mysterious painting via email:

"Unfortunately and to disappoint all the collectors of haunted items and all the horror fans looking for the best Christmas present ever, we have to let you down by telling you that the painting is locked away in a secure place and it is not for sale.

“The Anguished Man” painting was given to me by my Grandmother. The artist of the painting is unknown, but we do know that the artist mixed his own blood into the paint and committed suicide not long after the painting was finished, says the owner of the painting, Mr. Sean Robinson. – All other paintings appearing for sale online which claim to be “The Anguished Man” are frauds and no one should buy those. I can guarantee you that the original haunted painting is locked away in a secure location, and I have no intentions of selling it. That could be dangerous, and it would not be wise for anyone to lay their hands on the painting ’cause it is really active and really strange things happen for people who are in the same room, or even in the same house with the painting, Robinson says."

Several paranormal TV series’ and investigation teams have studied the mysterious painting and it has been mentioned as one of the Top 5 haunted items in the world, alongside the “Dybbuk box,” “Annabelle Doll,” “Robert the Doll” (the original Chucky doll), and “Chair of Death.”


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Mystery of The Mel's Hole

On Feb. 21, 1997, a man identifying himself as Mel Waters of the Ellensburg area appeared on “Coast to Coast with Art Bell,” a nationally syndicated AM talk show. Bell’s late-night show featured quirky and alien- and conspiracy-filled stories. At that time, Waters talked about a mysterious hole in the ground on his rural property about nine miles west of Ellensburg by phone. Federal government agents seized the land with no explanation as to whether the hole was a dangerous threat or important to national security or both. Waters said the cover story the government gave was that it was the old site of a downed aircraft.

Waters claimed federal agents forced him to lease the land to the government. The lease payments allowed him to move to Australia. The hole apparently had paranormal properties, despite the fact locals dumped their garbage there for years. He said a resident had once disposed of a dog that had passed away by depositing the remains in the pit; however, the resident later reported seeing the dog, identifiable by its collar, running through the woods later, alive and well.

He also began performing some experiments to see what he could learn about subject. First, Waters tied a roll of Lifesaver candies to the end of a 1,500-foot length of fishing line in order to determine whether there was any water present in subject. Upon reeling up the fishing line, Waters found the candies still attached, with no sign of any dissolution that might indicate the presence of water.

For his second experiment, Waters said he attached a 1 lb. lead weight to the end of his fishing line; however, when he reached the end of the spool, he tied on a new spool and continued lowering the line into the pit. The goal was to determine how far down subject extended; however, after Waters had lowered 80,000 feet, or approximately 15 miles’ worth of fishing line, he had still not located subject’s bottom.

As the story became more elaborate, Mel's Hole captivated listeners, many of whom were eager to verify the hole's existence. But Mel refused to tell people where the hole was, just that it was near his property on the Manastash Ridge near Ellensburg. He was featured on the show a number of times, until 2002, when a local paper reported that no man named Mel Waters existed in the area.

The finding just about put the story to rest, until it was resurrected by a intertribal medicine man named Red Elk.

Red Elk appeared out of nowhere in 2008, claiming he was well-aquainted with the hole and that it had many bizarre properties. Red Elk didn't start slow and build up, but instead immediately claimed that the hole set fire to ice, cooked a sheep live and implanted a seal fetus inside the cooked sheep. Even for those suspending every ounce of their disbelief, the story had become too bizarre, and too crazy to entertain.


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Mystery of The Locked Tomb In Eastern China

On November 2015, Chinese archaeologists working on a royal cemetery which dating to the Han dynasty 2,000 years ago. They said the site is the most complete and well-preserved set of tombs they have unearthed. The Haihunhou cemetery is located a kilometer from the nearest village in Nanchang, capital of east China's Jiangxi Province. It covers some 40,000 square meters with eight tombs and a chariot burial site with walls that stretch for almost 900 meters.

They believe it is the burial site of Liu He – the grandson of Emperor Wu, who was the most influential ruler of the Western Han Dynasty (206BC-AD25) – and Liu’s wife along with a handful of family members.

The team have found more than 10 tonnes of Wuzhu bronze coins together with more than 10,000 other gold, bronze and iron items, unearthed along with jade articles, wood tablets and bamboo slips, said Xin Lixiang of the China National Museum, who heads the team at the site. Xin has studied some 4,000 Han Dynasty tombs.

Archaeologists can clearly see the foundations of the tombs thought to be of Haihunhou and his wife, as well as affiliated memorial temples. There are roads and drainage systems in the cemetery.

But a key mystery remains: experts hope a locked tomb in the main mausoleum contains relics – an emperor’s seal perhaps – that could confirm the identity of the ancient occupants, according to Xinhua.


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Ancient Cellphone With Cuneiform Keys

According to reports, during archaeological excavations at Fuschl am See, (in Salzburg), Austria, researchers unearthed a mysterious artifact from the thirteenth century with cuneiform writing that strangely resembles a cell phone.

"This type of writing is typically found in modern-day Iran or Iraq (ancient Mesopotamia).

"What a device like this with Cuneiform writing is doing in Austria is something that no one is able to fully understand or explain.

This particular tablet is unusual for a number of reasons. First, it was found in Austria, not Iran or one of the other modern countries that was once Sumer or Mesopotamia.

Cuneiform tablets aren’t unusual – an estimated 2 million have been excavated. The language was a mystery until the 19th century when its code was deciphered.

Ancient Code website reported: "Most of you will remain sceptical about the discovery, and trust me so do I.

"There are two things that just don’t add up.

"First of all discovering anything that resembles cuneiform writing in Austria is an extraordinary finding since great distance separated Austria and Ancient Mesopotamia, so it is a true mystery how the object ended up in Europe.

"Secondly, and the most mysterious part of the finding is in fact that the objects eerily resembles a modern-day cellphone. 


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Alien Skulls Discovered In Russia

According to reports from Russian newspapers “Komsomolskaya Pravda” and “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”, a briefcase and two Alien-like skulls were discovered in the mountains of the Caucasus region of Adygeya. Among the briefcase, its finders found two skulls belonging to an unknown creature. The strange appearance of the skulls has led to speculation the Nazis could have made contact with aliens or even summoned demons in the remote area and these were the remains. According to reports the briefcase, picked up by a local hermit, had the emblem of the Ahnenerbe - the most secretive Nazi institute founded by Heinrich Himmler in 1935 to find evidence that the Aryan race had once ruled the entire globe.

The Ahnenerbe was an institute in Nazi Germany purposed to research the archeological and cultural history of the Aryan race. The institute conducted experiments and launched numerous expeditions around the world attempting to prove that mythological Nordic populations ruled the world in the distant past. The name Ahnenerbe means “inherited from the forefathers.”

The Ahnenerbe wanted to know everything related to the mysterious and unknown on our planet, they made several expeditions traveling to Tibet, Antarctica and the Caucasus and had a huge interest in the UFO phenomenon, searching for the ultimate and absolute power.

According to a Russian ethnographer and cryptozoology researcher, Vladimir Melikov, who had previously discovered remains of an unknown race about three meters tall in the Borjomi Gorge — a canyon of the Mtkvari River of central Georgia — a group of explorers led him two years ago to the discovery of two strange skulls with horns in a cave near Mount Bolshoi (“Big”) Thach (Tjach) in the Adygea region of Russia.

When Melikov first saw the skulls, he thought they were fossilized animal skulls, but when he began examining them he was shocked at what he found.

“Note the round hole at the bottom of the head,” said Melikov, displaying one of the skulls to a reporter. “It is the base of the spine. The position indicates that this creature moved on two legs. Another strange thing is the absence of cranial vault and jaws. A mouth, several holes distributed in a circle. The eye sockets are unusually large, and they two separate growths shaped horns. However, the facial bones are flat, as in hominids.”

He concluded that the skulls likely belonged to an alien species that visited Earth in the past.


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